Industry Cooperation and Internship

Essentials on Off-campus Internship of students of Department of Business Administration, Nanhua University

Adopted on Department Affairs Meeting of 2nd semester of 2014 academic year on July 1, 2015



To improve the learning effect, provide diversified learning mode, participate in actual working environment as early as possible, combine the theory with practice, cultivate students to become talents with professional knowledge and practical skills, formulate the Measures for implementation of Off-Campus Internship of Students of Department of Business Administration, Nanhua University (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) in accordance with the Measures for Implementation of Off-Campus Internship of Students of Nanhua University.

Scope of implementation


The "off-campus internship" in the Measures includes the two types: workplace experience and workplace internship. The internship workplace is divided into home internship and overseas internship. The scope of the implementation is as follows:


1. Workplace experience: arrange one-day or suitable travel to the workplace of the graduate, and the focus is on the field experience, followed by visit and internship. Arrange students to go to the workplace for experience and study to familiarize the workplace environment, and deepen the experience effect through communication and discussion.


2. Workplace Internship: according to the main career planning, the compulsory (optional) internship courses with more than 2 credits must be offered, and the diversified promotion methods can be adopted such as winter and summer internship, semester internship, visit to businesses for seminar (research) and internship credits.

Internship hours


The students of the Department must attend the basic knowledge study of business practice once and 240 hours of off-campus internship.

Promotion organization


1. In order to promote the off-campus internship of the students, the off-campus internship tutoring team (hereinafter referred to as internship tutoring team). The meeting shall be held at least once per academic year.


2. The internship tutoring team shall develop and implement the internship plan (Table 16) of the academic year or semester according to the Measures for Implementation of Off-Campus Internship of Nanhua University.


3. For each workplace, one teacher shall be assigned for tutoring the students.

Internship Opportunities Development and Employer Evaluation


Employers for internship can be recommended by the University or the Department. After the employers have passed the evaluation by the internship tutoring team according to Employer Data Sheet (Table 1) and Employer Evaluation Sheet (Table 2), the employer information can be sent to the Student Service and Career Counseling Office for future reference.

Internship Application and Matchmaking


After the student has applied for off-campus internship, and application has been approved by internship tutoring team, the contract for the off-campus internship shall be signed with the employer. After signing the contract, the employer data sheet and evaluation sheet, internship application form, internship plan, roster, letter of consent, and consent letter of parents (Tables 1-6) shall be sent to the Department for recording, and the copies shall be sent to the Student Service and Career Counseling Office for reference.

Study of basic internship knowledge


Before internship, the students shall study the basic internship knowledge, and the industrial safety, labor laws and internship codes to let them follow them.

Internship registration


In order to enhance the student safety during internship, the safety and accident insurance shall be bought for students who participate in the internship.

Internship Tutoring


1. During internship, the teachers responsible for internship and the employers shall tutor the students and complete the "Regular Internship Tutoring Report" (Table 8).


2. The teachers shall arrange the time to go to the employer to visit the director and know the internship and life conditions to comply with the internship requirements. After the visit, fill in "Report for Visit to Off-campus Internship" (Table 9) and send it the head of the Department and the Student Service and Career Counseling Office to discuss and solve the reflected problems. The tutoring frequency is as follows:


(1)Winter and summer internships: during the internship, the teachers shall go to the employers to tutor the students at least one time.


(2) Semester internship: during the internship, the teachers shall go to the employers to tutor students at least twice.


(3) Internship of academic year: during the internship, the teachers shall go to the employer to tutor students at least four times.

Responsibilities of employers


The responsibilities of the off-camp employers are as follows and are included in the contract:


1. Provide the necessary post training for the students.

2. Help the teacher understand the internship conditions.

3. Guide and give assistance in evaluating internship results.

4. Other matters which facilitate off-campus practice research and off-campus internship.

Student performance evaluation and registration


1.Performance appraisal:

(1)  The off-campus internship performance shall be jointly assessed by the teachers and employers, and the percentage of assessment by the teacher shall not be higher than 30%, and by the employers shall not be lower than 70%.

(2)   The employers shall assess the student performance according to the Internship Performance Assessment Sheet (Table 10) and within two weeks after the internship, the sheet will be sent with the Off-Campus Internship Records (Table 11) to the Department and submitted to the teachers, which are used for performance assessment.

(3)   Students shall complete and submit the off-campus internship report according to the plan, otherwise the performance is considered invalid.

2. Score registration:


The final internship score shall be assessed by the teachers and shall be recorded in the specified time, and the written internship data (including internship report) shall be retained by the Department and the copies shall be sent to the Student Service and Career Counseling Office for reference.

Transfer principles


1. If the students are unable to adapt to the internship at the employers, inform the teacher, the teacher may announce it in the meeting and report it to the Student Service and Career Counseling Office, and find another internship opportunity.

2. Fill in Transfer Application Form" (Table 12) to apply for transfer during the internship, but the transfer can be applied for only once.

3. Transfer is not allowed for winter and summer internship.

Termination of internship


1. Students are disqualified by the employers or internship tutoring team.

2. After termination of the internship, the teachers must fill in the Internship Termination Sheet (Table 13), and after review and confirmation by the internship tutoring team, the copies shall be sent to the relevant units for further reference.

Collection and delivery of internship outcomes


1. After the workplace experience and internship, invite the teachers, students and employers to attend the outcome sharing meeting and feed the outcomes back to the Department which are used as the reference for the curriculum innovation.

2. Within 1 month after the internship, the printed and electronic copies of the complete documents for internship application and student's internship report are stored in the Department for more than 5 years, which are used in the following teaching and delivery of internship outcome. One copy of the internship report is sent to the relevant units of the University for future reference.

Workplace experience


According to the career planning of the graduates, complete the "Application Form for Off-Campus Workplace Experience" (Table 15) to apply for workplace experience to the Department, and then send it to the relevant units of the University for future reference

Overseas internship


The rules for overseas internship are the same with the home internship, but the teachers are not responsible for visit, tutoring and performance appraisal.

Implementation and revision


The Measures are sent to the Student Service and Career Counseling Office for reference after having been formulated and adopted at the Department Affairs Meeting, and this also applies to revision.

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