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Entry YearPublicationAuthor
1082019,庇護工場轉型社會企業之商業模式個案研究,管理科學研究,13,1,pp33-47第一作者Ruey-Der Twu
1082019,Discovering a Leadership Problem in Asian Culture by Using Buddhist Systems Methodology – A Case Study in Vi,第一作者Chao-Ying Shen
1082019,影響消費者購買意圖與購買行為之因素:以越南胡志明市年輕消費者購買外國咖啡行為為例。,管理資訊計算,8,1,第一作者Shu-Hung Hsu
1082019,Extended theory of planned behavior for millennial generation toward entrepreneurial intention.,管理資訊計算,pp83-92第一作者Shu-Hung Hsu
1082019,服務品質、企業形象對顧客滿意度與顧客忠誠度之影響 -以西聯匯款企業為例。,管理資訊計算,8,1,pp90-99第一作者Shu-Hung Hsu
1082019,A Study on the Intention of Tourists Who Visiting Rainbow Village,International Journal of Business and Social Science,10,4,pp1-7第一作者Kuo-Chung Huang
1082019,A Study of the Intention of Tourists Who Visiting Sanyi Painting,Journal of Business & Economic Policy,6,1,pp84-90第一作者Kuo-Chung Huang
1082019,Explore the Intention of Medical Personnel to Participate in the Home-Based Reablement Services,Journal of Business & Economic Policy,6,1,pp33-42第一作者Kuo-Chung Huang
1082019,International Journal of Business and Management Invention,8,1,pp9-19第二作者Kuo-Chung Huang
1072019,涉入程度、知覺價值與知覺風險對使用態度之影響,觀光與休閒管理期刊,7,1,pp115-124第一作者Tung-Sheng Kuo
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