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Journal paper
Entry YearPublicationAuthor
1102021,The Research of Factors Influence Customer Satisfaction to Job Performance,管理資訊計算,10,1,pp81-90第一作者Wei-Shang, Fan
1092021,資訊搜尋、消費情境、從眾行為與購後認知失調之探討,管理資訊計算,10,sp,pp152-163第一作者Tung-Sheng Kuo
1092021,Trust in the sharing economy: An improvement in terms of customer intention,Praxis International Journal of Social Science and Literature,4,5,第三作者Hsin-Kuang Chi
1092021,The influence of emotional intelligence and cultural adaptability on cross cultural competance and cross cultural adjustment with mediating of cross cultural competance- A study of expatriates in Taiwan,13,第二作者Wann-Yih Wu
1092020,How does hotel employees’ satisfaction with the organization’s COVID-19 responses affect job insecurity and job performance?,Journal of Sustainable Tourism.,29,6,第四作者Hsin-Kuang Chi
1092020,Workplace Health and Safety Training, Employees’ Risk Perceptions, Behavioral Safety Compliance, and Perceived Job Insecurity During COVID-19: Data of Vietnam. ,Data in Brief,33,第一作者Hsin-Kuang Chi
1092020,Examining the Moderating Effects of Green Marketing and Green Psychological Benefits on Customers’ Green Attitude, Value and Purchase Intention,Sustainability,12,第二作者Wann-Yih Wu
1092020,Whether the Model-Free Implied Volatilities embedded in option price have the superior information to realized volatility- Evidences on Taiwan Option Market,Management Information Computing,第一作者Shu-Fang Yuan
1092020, The effects of brand page characteristics on customer brand engagement: moderating roles of community involvement and comedy production contents,Journal of Brand Management,27,pp531-545第二作者Wann-Yih Wu
1092019,Examining the influence of expatriates’ social capital and knowledge-sharing behavior on financial performance,International Journal of Organizational Analysis,3,28,pp557-577第一作者Wann-Yih Wu
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