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821993,多市場合併對獨佔性代理商之銷售週期選擇及其利潤的影響效果,淡江學報第32期,Miao-Sheng Chen
81A monopoly agent's optimal control on inventory and prices over a given selling planning horizon,International Journal of Information and Management Sciences,Vol.3, No.2, P.69-77,Miao-Sheng Chen
81The effects of a monopoly agent's merging of multiple locations on optimal control over inventory,Tamkang Journal,Vol.32, P.617-629,Miao-Sheng Chen
79Note on the production function for organizations doing case work,Math. Social Sciences,Vol. 19, No. 1,. P135-141,Miao-Sheng Chen
79A fuzzy ranking method by the centers of fuzzy set,International Journal of Information and Management Sciences,Vol.1, No.2, P.19-33,Miao-Sheng Chen
79An example of disbenefit of centralized stocking,J. of the Operational Research Society,Vol. 41, No. 3, P.259-262,Miao-Sheng Chen
78A fuzzy ranking method using the α-cut representation and the interval analysis,Tamkang J. of Management Sciences,Vol. 10 ,No. 1, P.1-13,Miao-Sheng Chen
78Effects of centralization on expected costs in a multilocatin newsboy problem,J. of the Operational Research Society,Vol. 40, No. 6, P.597-602,Miao-Sheng Chen
77Note on the optimum span of control in a pure hierarchy,European J. of O.R,Vol. 33, No. 1, p.106-113,Miao-Sheng Chen
76純性層級組織的最適結構,國立交通大學管理科學研究所,Dissertation No.002,Miao-Sheng Chen
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